Software publisher for child care centers

LOGIDEV is the result of a patnership between an IT expert and the owner of a childcare center in Luxembourg. 

The partners have developped the program Logidev Enlighting your future, a user friendly, innovative and evolutive program to help childcare centers to manage efficiently their activities and their administratives tasks in order to deliver high quality childcare service 

Our mission is to become the solution to optimize the resources, to centralise the information, to simplify the administrative tasks and to improve the process of childcare centers.  

Our technology and business competences and know-how are our strenghts to understand your business needs and to translate them into it solutions. 

Together we will find the best solution to improve your business.

LOGIDEV will guide you the take the right choice; we are a customer service driven and we are there to :

-first analyse your needs,

-to adapt our program to your dynamic business needs,

-to install and train you and your team properly,

-to keep the program improving,

-to make corrective and evolutive sofware mantenance,

-to satisfy your requests with personalised developpements  

Digital work will not replace the human contact in your childcare center, 

it will help you to give quality time to your customers: children and parents !